Your productivity has just leveled up!

We are happy to announce a new and exciting partnership with Zapier that lets you now integrate 30+ additional apps (Pinterest, PayPal, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.) into your Work Spaces with many more on the way. Improve your productivity with a just few clicks, all from one place.

Use coupon code OTX50 to get a 50% off annual subscriptions for you and all your workgroup members for the first year.

What is Zapier?
Zapier is a tool allowing you to integrate 1000+ apps and automate tasks that normally require a long time to complete. You need to create a trigger and an action for each task. The trigger, for instance, is a new email in Gmail; while the action is a notification and a copy of the content into your Work Space.

What are the benefits of using Zapier’s integration in Otixo?
– Connect 30+ additional apps (i.e. Pinterest, PayPal, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.);
– Get notifications about the events occurring in your Otixo or Zapier apps into your Work Space;
– Get notifications on your mobile, desktop or tablet;
– Automate notifications for your whole team by inviting them to the Work Space in which your app notifications arrive;
– Save time, mouse clicking, and get more work done with Otixo!

App Directory image

How do I use Zapier’s apps in Otixo?
– Log in to Otixo;
– Click on the App Directory tab on the left;
– From the Work Space Apps list select your favorite app;
– Choose the task you wish to automate;
– Click on Create Zap.
– You will be taken to the Zapier Editor where you will need to either log in (if you have an account) or sign up free of charge;
– Connect the account for the app you selected by entering your credentials;
– Test the connection;
– Choose the Work Space where you want the notifications to arrive;
– Configure the content you wish to be included in the Work Space notification;
– Send a test notification;
– Your Zap is now ON!

For a step-by-step tutorial on working with the App Directory, please check this Guide on our Support Center.

We are very excited about this partnership and cannot wait to hear your feedback!


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