A smart way to apply for a job

A smart way to apply for a job.

Are you searching for a Job right now? Great! Otixo can help you make your application process easier. Learn how to create a link. Nowadays 70% of all applications are sent via email! Therefore you need a tool where you can put your CV, references and certificates for your future boss to view without creating a large pdf file. Attaching the same files over and over again can fill up your mailbox storage very quickly. Why not create a folder within your clouds where you can put all your important documents? Then create a link to this folder and simply attach it to your application email. Your future boss will be impressed by how organized you are; plus, he or she can have a look at documents which matter to them. Are you curious? Try it yourself!

Create a link

Select the cloud folder in which you keep your job application files and then click on the “Link” button at the top. Copy the link from the pop-up and simply paste it in the email to your potential employer. Done!

Have a look at one of our folders: https://app.otixo.com/wsexp/public/b115e73f-7ffc-46d5-a4cc-4e682683bcae

Happy Otixoing!


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