pCloud is now available in Otixo!

pCloud is now available in Otixo!

We are happy to present the new addition to our cloud family – pCloud.

What is pCloud?

pCloud is a cloud service which you can use to store photos, videos and music, but also to share, encrypt, sychronize and backup your files. You can use this cloud just like a computer’s hard drive. pCloud is also known for its secure data transfers using TLS/SSL protocol and the pCloud Crypto function. To demonstrate the security of the system, pCloud Crypto created a contest rewarding $100,000 to the hacker who manages to compromize the system; after 6 months this prize is still unclaimed.

What are the benefits of this integration?

If you require more storage for your documents, you can consider signing up with pCloud. If you already use pCloud you can easily integrate this service with Otixo and copy your files to your other clouds.

To find out how to integrate pCloud with Otixo please click HERE.


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