MEGA is now available in Otixo!

MEGA is now available in Otixo!

Yes, this is not a joke! We have read all your emails, posts and votes for MEGA, and we finally did it! is now fully integrated into Otixo.

What is MEGA?

MEGA is a cloud service which provides robust cloud storage as well as User Controlled Encryption. The files stored in this service and the transfers you perform within the service are encrypted. And, unlike other cloud storages, Mega does not hold the decryption key; you have full control over it.

Why should I use MEGA in Otixo?

Apart from offering a robust file security, MEGA’s free plan comes with 50 GB storage space, which is more than you would find with other providers. If you are struggling for space in your existing cloud services, you can integrate MEGA in Otixo to boost up your storage. We are pretty excited to provide you with this service, and cannot wait to hear your feedback.

To find out how to add MEGA to your Otixo account, please click HERE.


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