Cubby closing down

If you are a Cubby Basic user, you have probably heard that LogMeIn is retiring this service on November 16th.

Cubby has been part of Otixo for a long time, so we are very sad to see it go. This, however, is not a goodbye! Existing Cubby users have the possibility to stay with LogMeIn by upgrading to the 1 TB Pro plan at $99/year. Alternatively, users are advised to download their Cubby files, and then upload them to Dropbox, Box or OneDrive. For more information on Cubby’s changes check LogMeIn’s FAQ page.

Should you choose to leave LogMeIn, and not upgrade to their Pro plan, we have good news for you! You don’t need to go through the hassle of downloading and uploading your Cubby files. With Otixo all transfers happen in the cloud! If Cubby is already connected to your Otixo account, simply add one or more of your other favourite cloud providers, and migrate your Cubby files away from LogMeIn BEFORE November 16th.


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  1. sergio moura says:

    I’d like to do so. However, I cannot add Cubby to Otixo. The message “The credentials are incorrect. Please try again.” appears, and I have no doubt that everything is correct.
    Does anyone have a solution?

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