A quick note on MEGA.nz, encryption, and the best way to encrypt your cloud services

Every day we receive requests to integrate MEGA. Every day we send apologetic emails to our users telling them why we can’t integrate MEGA…

Part of what makes MEGA so special is its end-to-end encryption. That encryption is only possible when using MEGA, so if we integrated them into Otixo your files would just look like mush! Plus, you wouldn’t be able to add new files or download existing files from MEGA because all of their encryption happens through your browser once you start an operation, or on your desktop if you use their app. It’d be a bit useless inside Otixo.

We hope this helps.

However, if you’re looking for an encryption solution that plays nicely with your other cloud storage services then look no further. Otixo’s encryption lets you encrypt files on any connected service, while still allowing you the flexibility of moving files between services and backing up your content quickly and easily. We also support end-to-end encryption and, as an added bonus, we feature extra security in separation:


“A pivotal feature in the Otixo encryption system is that your content and your keys are stored on two completely independent systems, making our encryption that much more secure.

For example, if you use Otixo to encrypt documents stored on Dropbox, you must have access to Otixo in order to decrypt the Dropbox files. This means that a) Otixo does not have your content and b) Dropbox only sees the encrypted version.”

Intriguing, right? Read more about our own special brand of encryption here and then upgrade your Otixo account to get started. Our Secure account allows unlimited encryption for just 99¢ a month.


If we can’t fulfill your dreams of files freely flying between MEGA and Dropbox, which other services are you missing inside Otixo? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Safdar says:

    Hubic would be nice.
    Pcloud is a fantastic service.
    Btw, how does cloudsfer manage transfer others and mega.

    • molly says:

      Hi Safdar,
      Hubic and Pcloud are both on our radar – I’ll add them to our list!

      Cloudsfer DOES migrate MEGA, but it is a one time action, and not ongoing cloud management like in OTIXO. Also, since MEGA does not provide oAuth support, the user (you) needs to give Cloudsfer your personal MEGA password.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

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