Spring Cleaning in the Cloud!

New Features

Three new features in Otixo make working with folders and files easier than ever. You can now upload files via drag-and-drop, share folders and download folders.

Upload with Drag-and-Drop

Upload files directly from your desktop to the clouds with our latest drag-and-drop feature. Simply navigate to the desired cloud folder and start dragging files from your local machine directly to the browser. Easy!

Drag files or folders from one cloud service to another or directly into a Space. Dragging from one cloud service to another creates a copy of your files in the new cloud service. Dragging and dropping files within one cloud service cuts them from their original location and pastes them in their dropped location.

Share Folders

Use our public links to share entire folders instead of plain ol’ files.

Download Folders

This is an exciting one that has been a long time coming. You can now download entire folders with just one click. Voila!

Migrate, clean-up or manage your cloud accounts with ease using our new folder functions. Login today to get started!



After a short beta period with lots of support and feedback, we’re happy to launch this new Evernote integration out into the world. There’s a hearty thank you due to all the users who were emailing us during beta with their tips and experiences – thank you!


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