Share encrypted files with Credeon Cloud Protection and Otixo!

Otixo is often asked about ways users can maximize security and maintain document integrity online. Today, we have an interesting option for those users who are looking to further protect their important documents when using the cloud.

A new encryption service from Hitachi called Credeon Cloud Protection provides client side encryption – the most reliable way to ensure files are secure while they are being stored or shared online.

Credeon Cloud Protection’s free service offers a desktop solution to encrypt files from your machine before they are sent to the cloud. Only a person authorized by you is then able to decrypt and read the file. This requires both users (you and the person you’re sharing the file with) to use the desktop service Credeon provides.

The Otixo Team has been using and testing Credeon, and we’re all impressed with the service. We’d like to invite our security-minded users to give it a try today!


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  1. Please add aliases support on Outlook 2013 with
    regard to / account…i can’t believe this works
    in the (poor) windows 8 mail app and not in the full
    featurerd Outlook mail client.

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