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Great news…and less great news

Lifehacker screenshot 300x196 Great news...and less great news

The Good: Otixo was featured on Lifehacker this week. The review was amazing and brought us a huge amount of new subscribers.

The Bad: The review was amazing and brought us a huge amount of new subscribers…which overwhelmed our little “startup” servers and had us licking our wounds for a few hours. But the Otixo Team has been working non-stop since the review to upgrade our system. We’re happy to say that we’re back up and much faster now (with further performance updates coming). But we’re really sorry that so many of you experienced our outtage and speed problems just when you were getting to know us. We’d love to invite you back to get a second first impression…

The Extra: As a small startup, we’d especially like to thank Melanie Pinola from Lifehacker for writing about us. The positive response has been incredible. Our servers might not love you, but we sure do. Read Melanie’s post on Lifehacker here.

Happy Otixoing,
The Otixo Team