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Heartbleed and Otixo

heartbleed Heartbleed and Otixo

Heartbleed, a major vulnerability in the technology that powers encryption across much of the internet was discovered on April 7th.  Like many other companies, we took swift action to make sure we were not affected and patched any existing vulnerabilities. Otixo is no longer vulnerable to Heartbleed. We updated our primary servers immediately on Tuesday and finally our certificates on Thursday.

We have no evidence of any breach or misuse by an outsider. However, because of the nature of the bug, we encourage you to change your Otixo password (as well as your passwords on all your other important online services).

We take security very seriously at Otixo, so feel free to contact us with any questions, but rest assured that we are no longer susceptible to this pervasive bug. For those techies out there, here is output from a test you can run yourself at

Screen Shot 2014 04 11 at 5.32.16 PM Heartbleed and Otixo

Better, Stronger, Faster…cloud file transfer.

six million dollar man Better, Stronger, file transfer.

Our fabulous engineers have given our cloud-to-cloud file transfer bionic powers and have sped up most operations between 3-5x. You’ve got to try to believe it! Just drag your files or folders between clouds and let it go.

Because the transfers happen on our servers, you can even close your browser and grab a cup of coffee without worrying about the transfer stopping. Easy Peasy.

Bitcasa is here…and your digital home has never been better

features how it works Bitcasa is here...and your digital home has never been better

With Otixo’s newest partner, Bitcasa, you get:

  • Secure, private file storage
  • Unlimited space
  • Seamless backup
  • Dead simple file sharing from any device

And Bitcasa users can take advantage of Otixo’s unique project collaboration feature, Spaces:

  • Privately share files and folders with multiple people.
  • Share files from Bitcasa as well as from any Otixo supported cloud.
  • When you update files in your native Bitcasa apps, changes will be immediately available in your Otixo Space.
  • Set unique access permissions for every item in your project.
  • Keep up-to-date of your project’s status with Activity Logs.

Otixo Featured in the Windows Phone Store

Screen Shot 2014 01 21 at 2.22.38 PM e1390340589115 Otixo Featured in the Windows Phone Store


Our newly released app for Windows Phone 8 has just been featured in the Spotlight section of the Windows Phone store. I’d like to congratulate all the great work done by our  team over the last months.

If you have a Windows Phone and want to give it a try, get it here.

Otixo for Windows Phone 8 Released

windows8 Otixo for Windows Phone 8 Released


Otixo for Windows Phone 8 has arrived and your cloud life has never been easier or more accessible.

  • Copy/Move files from Skydrive to one of 28 cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Picasa, etc.)
  • File Transfers happen from cloud to cloud and doesn’t use your expensive data plan
  • Search across all your clouds in a single step
  • Share files with friends and colleagues from any service

Get Otixo for Windows Phone 8

Otixo welcomes Deutsche Telekom to the family

otixo visual Otixo welcomes Deutsche Telekom to the family

We’re thrilled to announce our latest partner, Deutsche Telekom, and the integration of their popular Mediencenter cloud. Telekom’s Mediencenter offers 25GB of free, secure online storage for all your personal assets. It’s one of Germany’s most popular services for individuals looking for online and instance access to their family pictures, music and video collections.

Otixo is just one of 8 official partners to the Telekom cloud, so we’re very honored to be part of this popular service.

Please note: New Mediencenter accounts are available only to those residing in Germany, but can then be accessed world-wide through Otixo.

Otixo for Windows 8 RT is here

Screen Shot 2013 10 09 at 9.41.38 AM Otixo for Windows 8 RT is here

Our gorgeous new Windows 8 RT app is out of the oven and into the store. Get it here from the Microsoft App Marketplace.

Otixo for Windows 8 RT gives you instant access to all your clouds from your Windows device allowing richer, more immediate access to all your files. Get quick and easy access to all your photos, music, and documents a single app. You can also search, transfer files, view and download content, as well as edit and save files to your native Windows editors.

Cloudsider Ranks Otixo #1

Screen Shot 2013 08 11 at 1.02.06 PM Cloudsider Ranks Otixo #1


Germany’s Cloudsider recently reviewed the top 9 “single sign-on” apps and gave Otixo its top honor. Highlighting Otixo’s simple drag-and-drop file transfer between clouds, and our great collaboration feature, Spaces, it’s nice to see we’re winning hearts all around the world. This is a comprehensive and great review, so we encourage you to check it out.

Android for Smartphones Released

android phones Android for Smartphones Released


Otixo has released a new version of our Android app to support smartphones on version 2.2 or higher. This release also supports Android Tablets running version 3.0 and up.

Otixo for Android is an amazing app that takes advantage of our best-in-class cloud file management service.

Key Features:

  • Search across 28+ clouds in one step
  • Copy/Move files between clouds without using your expensive mobile data plan (cloud-to-cloud transfer)
  • Access files even when you’re offline. Great for plane trips!
  • Cloud Roundtrip: View, Edit and Save your files back to your clouds with your favorite device Apps (iWork, photo editors, Office document editors, etc.) even when you aren’t online
  • Upload your photos to any service (camera and photo library integration)
  • Available in English and German
  • Otixo simple

Get it here:

badge google Android for Smartphones Released

Dump Truck — Industrial Strength Cloud Storage

dt logo 581x452 e1373404457654 Dump Truck    Industrial Strength Cloud Storage


Today we’re featuring one of our favorite cloud services, Golden Frog’s Dump Truck, to celebrate a new partnership that will give our customers access to a highly secure file storage and synchronization platform that features a 5 GB free account.

We love that they care about your privacy and security with features including:

  • 256-bit encrypted storage
  • no data duplication
  • secure, password-protected file sharing
  • their infrastructure is not outsourced

We definitely think you should check them out.