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Picasa Authentication Update

Picasa Picasa Authentication Update


Otixo updated the way users connect to Picasa. Users should login to Otixo to reauthenticate their Picasa accounts.

Your clouds are safe with us! Otixo uses oAuth 2.0 to connect to Picasa. Learn more about Otixo’s Security measures here.

Spring Cleaning in the Cloud!

the balloon Spring Cleaning in the Cloud!

Three new features in Otixo make working with folders and files easier than ever. You can now upload files via drag-and-drop, share folders and download folders.

Migrate, clean-up or manage your cloud accounts with ease using our new folder functions. Login today to get started!


Evernote is no longer in Beta. We’re sending a hearty thank you for all of the user feedback during our Beta period.


Amazon Ta da!
Evernote Ta da!

We have two new additions to the OTIXO cloud family. Evernote and Amazon Cloud Drive are available and ready to use – login now to connect your accounts!

Our Evernote integration is in Beta. Please give it a test and send your comments, suggestions or questions to

We love hearing from you and we especially love to deliver what you ask for. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming next for OTIXO:

  • folder sharing
  • upload & download entire folder
  • expanded drag & drop features



If you use Bitcasa there’s no doubt you’ve seen their recent changes. While there was a lot of press about the way the Bitcasa service was changed for users, it was also changed significantly for fellow developers.

As a result – and after a lot of thought – Otixo decided to remove the service from our application. Soon, you’ll no longer be able to access your Bitcasa files in Otixo. We’re sorry to inconvenience the many users who moved forward with the new Bitcasa service.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us or comment on this blog post.

Let’s play a game.

Take a close look at this picture. Do you see anything new or different?

Otixo Lets play a game.


No? Let’s zoom in.

Cloud Usage Lets play a game.


What’s that? You can now see the amount of storage you have left in each service?


We thought you’d never notice.

Access your old Nokia pictures through Otixo

Do you have an old Nokia phone lying around because you’re not sure how to retrieve your old pictures or videos? There are a couple simple steps you can follow to see all of your old memories again (and then get rid of that old phone!).

  • Download the Nokia Ovi Suite to backup your old photos.
  • The photos will be synced automatically to the Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage.
  • From your iOS or Android phone, log into Otixo and add OneDrive to your Cloud Services.
  • The pictures from your old phone will be available, and you can easily add them to your current device!

Nokia photos access1 Access your old Nokia pictures through Otixo

Last week’s survey

Last week we emailed a survey to all of our Otixo users and we’ve received amazing feedback from many of you! The survey produced pages of data to unwind – giving us exactly the information we needed.

As the ever-expanding articles about data breaches and new security threats dominate the news cycle, we’re more focused on security than ever before. Understanding how our users perceive and expect a secure service to work was a crucial step for the Otixo Team.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with such detail about your security wishes and needs. We look at each and every one of your responses to better understand what can make Otixo better for you. Thanks a million!!!

Security and Your Files

News outlets are buzzing about cyber security. With so many serious data breaches occurring all the time, the average consumer is forced to take particular care to ensure their data is safe.

Otixo is focused on providing a safe service for our users, and we hope to provide even more security features in the months ahead.

This morning we sent an Otixo-wide newsletter with a link to a survey.

We’re looking forward to the results, and hope they will help us gauge which security methods are important to you!

If you haven’t done so already, please read more about our current security measures here. If you have any questions or suggestions to improve our service, please comment here or send us an email!

Share encrypted files with Credeon Cloud Protection and Otixo!

Credeon Share encrypted files with Credeon Cloud Protection and Otixo!


Otixo is often asked about ways users can maximize security and maintain document integrity online. Today, we have an interesting option for those users who are looking to further protect their important documents when using the cloud.

A new encryption service from Hitachi called Credeon Cloud Protection provides client side encryption – the most reliable way to ensure files are secure while they are being stored or shared online.

Credeon Cloud Protection’s free service offers a desktop solution to encrypt files from your machine before they are sent to the cloud. Only a person authorized by you is then able to decrypt and read the file. This requires both users (you and the person you’re sharing the file with) to use the desktop service Credeon provides.

The Otixo Team has been using and testing Credeon, and we’re all impressed with the service. We’d like to invite our security-minded users to give it a try today!

Use Otixo on your desktop like a big cloud drive

clouddrive Use Otixo on your desktop like a big cloud drive

Otixo & WebDAV

Life in the cloud is great and there are seemingly infinite places to store, share, sync and access our files online. And every year, as cloud-based storage gets bigger and cheaper, we put more and more of our lives online.

Otixo is the perfect way to organize and access everything we have in the cloud from a single place. But at the end of the day, we still need to USEthose files—modify a document, update a spreadsheet, or retouch an image. Desktop and native applications are still the fastest and easiest way to work with our stuff.

With Otixo’s WebDAV connectivity, you can mount your Otixo account directly on your desktop or access it from your iWork iOS apps. Then you get all the benefits of the cloud along with the usability of local access to those files. It’s really amazing!